Automatic Hunting: Update 1.1.21

Posted by Stardust On December 26, 2015

We want to wish you happy holidays, and announce a new client and server update.

Hunting is here!!!

You can finally send your ships around the galaxy, seeking enemies and engaging in battles, leaving everything in the hands of your Agents. Continue reading »

Client & Server Update: 1.1.19

Posted by Stardust On November 20, 2015

Client & Server UpdateHello space explorers, we’re happy to announce a new Client and Server update: version 1.1.19. This is mainly a maintenance release, solving bugs and adding small features.

We also worked on the server engine to add some backstage features that will help us in adding the Patrol (Auto-hunt) order and to make stations conquerable in the next future releases. Yes, we’re still planning to bring these features in the game within this year, as we announced :-) Continue reading »

GoH 1.1: an important milestone

Posted by Stardust On June 17, 2015

Battleships fight - Event

More than a month has passed since our last update: our announced goal was to release the Events as soon as possible. Now they are here (together with other important news) and we want to share with you something more about what’s happened during these months.

We truly wanted this release since our first post An eye on the future: it has taken a while, but we are really happy about it and we hope it will be worth the wait for all of you.

This time was needed because we are a small indie team, but despite this we always want to take care of every aspect of Gates of Horizon. It’s not always possible to focus on a specific release while having to look after the website, the servers, and last but not least the multiplatform client, but hey… we did it! Continue reading »

Client update: 1.0.37

Posted by Stardust On April 27, 2015

Gates of HorizonWe’re happy to announce a new client and server release.

Automining is finally here! It’s now possible to assign a Harvest order to a ship. Beware of ambushers!
We’ve also added a new set of hotkeys, to quickly manage fleets and commands.

And there’s more! We’ve released a better set of SFX, you may want to give them a try.

Here’s the list of changes and bug fixes:

Continue reading »

Mining automation: an update

Posted by Stardust On April 17, 2015

Mining automation

Hello space explorers!

You’re probably wondering what’s going on about the mining and hunting automation, the most important features under development.

As promised a couple of months ago, the ships’ A.I. is receiving most of our attention.

The latest release has been a first big step forward, allowing you the possibility to fine-tune the behaviour of your ships, even when you’re offline or you’re not giving direct orders. The next improvement is about mining automation, and in our vision this will be a real game-changer. Continue reading »

Client Update 1.0.15 – A.I. management

Posted by Stardust On March 12, 2015

Gates of HorizonWe’re happy to announce a new client and server release.

This is a big step forward in A.I. management: it is now possible to control and clearly see on which fleet ship the A.I. is active, and it is also possible to tune its behavior parameters for each entity. Continue reading »