Client & Server Update: 1.1.19

Posted by Stardust On November 20, 2015

Client & Server UpdateHello space explorers, we’re happy to announce a new Client and Server update: version 1.1.19. This is mainly a maintenance release, solving bugs and adding small features.

We also worked on the server engine to add some backstage features that will help us in adding the Patrol (Auto-hunt) order and to make stations conquerable in the next future releases. Yes, we’re still planning to bring these features in the game within this year, as we announced :-)

Changes and bug fixes

  • enemies NPCs can (and will) now be spawned in fleets
  • Standings now include the Holding modifier, showing the ones actually being used by the game server
  • in Hire Agent Screen, there is now a very brief description for each Agent Stat
  • in Hire Agent Screen, “-” and “+” buttons for Stats are now disabled when reaching min/max value
  • in Mail Screen, there is now a “DELETE ALL” button
  • on mobile devices, the view rotates 180 degrees when rotating the device
  • added a new Deep Scan when taking control of a Ship
  • “Profanity Filter” option label is (finally) more clear, changing into “Profanity Filter for PM”
  • Throttle bar no longer goes under 1%, as initially intended
  • Planets texture is now a bit more light, to limit the “dark planets” effect
  • Fixed a bug with some Fleet Ships having NaN distance
  • Fixed a bug on mobile devices where the transfer popup did not allow to manually input a quantity
  • Fixed a bug where links in chat disappeared with the wrong speed
  • Fixed a bug with reference box not disappearing when needed
  • Fixed a bug where attacks did not land when fighting distance was around 12Km
  • Fixed a bug with combat music switching off too soon
  • Fixed a bug with warp out animation for other Ships not being always triggered

We will continue working on the remaining bugs, while we also work on adding low- and high-level Events as promised.

Thank you for all your support and patience.

Sail safe!

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