Client Update 1.0.15 – A.I. management

Posted by Stardust On March 12, 2015

Gates of HorizonWe’re happy to announce a new client and server release.

This is a big step forward in A.I. management: it is now possible to control and clearly see on which fleet ship the A.I. is active, and it is also possible to tune its behavior parameters for each entity.

New Features

  • A.I. management was completely overhauled.
    It is now possible to turn A.I. ON or OFF for ships and fleet, choosing a level and a profile.
    It is also possible to tune A.I. behavior for each ship from Ship Detail Screen in Management Panel.
    Please refer to the official Wiki for more details:
  • Fleet Ship order in Navigation Screen is now fixed, and is no longer changing when switching ship control
  • a Mining Engine was added. This engine can be manned with Mining skill instead of Pilot skill.
    Alas, the needed piloting automation circuits took away some room needed by aiming modules, resulting in very poor weapons performance.
    Small Engines can be bought from Galumbris Mining Equipment’s traders:
    * Lucian Bakosky, on Marianic Base Station, Astonis System
    * Titus Burgman, on Gravis Base Station, Pilos System
    * Felicia Goose, on Yaticus Base Station, Yatis System
    From the same traders it’s also possible to learn Small, Medium and Large Blueprints.
  • embarked Agents are now actively evaluated when calculating enemy strength comparison, shown with icon color, and when calculating Warfare XP.
    Expect enemies to be shown as easier, and XP gained to be a bit less than before, especially for high-level ships with many embarked high-level agents.
  • allocated Character Points are now visible in Agent Details Screen
  • embarked Ship in Agent and Ship Details Screen is now clickable, and leads to Ship Details Screen
  • Base Station in Agent and Ship Details Screen is now clickable, and leads to Base Station Screen
  • Manufacture Screen now opens on the last selected panel (Crafting, Refining or Distillation)
  • default maximum value when moving multiple items is no longer more than the destination cargo available space
  • Distillation Screen now only shows cargo resources that are actually distillable
  • Reference Boxes are no longer appearing over the Free Look switch
  • Cargo occupied space is now shown as a percentage near the Cargo button in Navigation Screen
  • a Planet filter was added to Navigation Screen
  • Trader Icon in Star Map and System Map is now only shown when a Corporation Agent has an active Buy or Sell order.

Bug Fixes

  • an elusive and cunning memory leak was finally solved in the client, and should bring more stability when running the client for a long time
  • client is now built against Unity 4.6.3, bringing in some important fixes
  • fixed a bug where a mining Interactive Component being turned off when Cargo is full was not correctly showing “CARGO FULL” error
  • fixed a bug with item order messing up in Cargo Popup, in Navigation Screen
  • fixed a bug in Cargo Popup, in Navigation Screen, where the cargo current and total space numbers were incorrectly truncated
  • fixed a bug with Ship throttle settings sometimes not being correctly saved when docking
  • fixed a bug where Base Station building could be prevented in Safe Systems
  • fixed a bug in Asset and Station screen where Ship position was not correctly updated
  • fixed a bug in Crafting Screen where needed resources were not shown correctly
  • fixed a bug in Trade Screen where trader info were not correctly refreshed
  • fixed a bug in Holding Screen where some numbers were missing thousand separator
  • fixed a bug in Holding Screen where current Holding Money reported a wrong number
  • fixed a bug in Buy Order mail notification, where taxes were not correctly reported
  • fixed a bug where the Mail Notification icon was not correctly blinking when a now notification was available
  • fixed a bug in Android where list scrolling speed was broken

From here, we will proceed to work on Automine and Autohunt Orders, that are right now our top priority.

Thank you for all your support and patience.

Sail safe!

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