Client update: 1.0.37

Posted by Stardust On April 27, 2015

Gates of HorizonWe’re happy to announce a new client and server release.

Automining is finally here! It’s now possible to assign a Harvest order to a ship. Beware of ambushers!
We’ve also added a new set of hotkeys, to quickly manage fleets and commands.

And there’s more! We’ve released a better set of SFX, you may want to give them a try.

Here’s the list of changes and bug fixes:

New features

  • New order: Harvest
    The Harvest order targets the Base Station where you want to collect your minerals.
    Selected ship will travel through asteroids waypoints in that System, mining every asteroid in sight.
    When cargo is full, it will travel to Base Station, unload everything, and start over.
    Order will stop when Station Corporation Cargo is full.
    Note: Mining Waste Rocks is *not* automatically jettisoned.
  • New hotkeys
    Q/W/E/R/T are now used for quick attack/mine/remote repair/remote recharge/remote transfer selected target.
    1-7 are used to quickly switch between fleet ships.
    CTRL is used to select a ship where the next order will be applied. I.e.: controlling ship 1, CTRL-2, then Q will make the second fleet ship attack your selected target.
    ESC is used to open/close Management Panel.
    B/N/M are the new keys for Tactical/System/Star maps.
    Keys are customizable from the new “HOTKEYS” tab in Options Window.
  • New SFX
    We updated our SFX. They should now be a bit better than before.
    Weapons and explosions effects are also different depending on Ship size.
  • it is now possible to access Corporation Cargo on a Station during navigation, using the Cargo icon in Command Hexagon while being near the Base Station
  • when an Agent is embarked on a sailing Ship, Market Search, Skill (no modifications) and Blueprint (no modifications) Screens are now accessible from Management Panel
  • when a Ship is sailing, Fitting (no modifications) and Cargo (no modifications) Screens are now accessible from Management Panel
  • interactive Components Travel Time were tuned to include skills affecting cooldown times
  • it is now possible to directly type values in A.I. Options Screen
  • some FPS-friendly GUI options were added. Turning them off can improve FPS. They are:
    Show Meters: show/hide the three colored bars above targets
    Show Distance: show/hide the distance below targets (NOT the one in Reference Boxes)
    Ships Combatlog: show/hide interactive numbers on targets
    Ref Boxes Combatlog: show/hide interactive numbers on Reference Boxes
  • an icon to open Chat in Navigation Screen with a click/tap was added
  • in Crafting Screen, shown resources order is now meaningful
  • from now on, client will check for an available update each time a login is attempted, instead of checking just once when opened.


  • client is now built against Unity 4.6.4, bringing in some important fixes
  • fixed a bug where A.I. was incorrectly turned on when opening Management Screen
  • fixed a bug where Waypoints weren’t appearing as a valid Order target from Order Screen in Management Panel
  • fixed a bug where an incorrect Standing amount were granted to Holdings Managers
  • fixed a bug with Holding Deposit dialog showing incorrect numbers on the slider
  • fixed a bug where quantity was incorrectly not shown in Holding Module Screen when just 1 Module of a specific type was installed
  • fixed a bug where Order Screen in Management Panel shown a wrong text when changing Order or System
  • fixed a bug where Mining command incorrectly started with a full Cargo
  • fixed a bug with Agent Screen in Management Screen incorrectly showing the wrong Agent
  • fixed a bug where Holding Roles flags were not showing after first assignment
  • fixed a bug where thousands and decimal separator was missing in some Holding screens in Management Panel
  • fixed a bug with wrong thousands and decimal separator appearing in Reference Boxes

Our next step will be the Autohunt Order, together with some A.I. server code that will be soon used in Events.

Thank you for all your support and patience.

Sail safe!


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