GoH 1.1: an important milestone

Posted by Stardust On June 17, 2015

Battleships fight - Event

More than a month has passed since our last update: our announced goal was to release the Events as soon as possible. Now they are here (together with other important news) and we want to share with you something more about what’s happened during these months.

We truly wanted this release since our first post An eye on the future: it has taken a while, but we are really happy about it and we hope it will be worth the wait for all of you.

This time was needed because we are a small indie team, but despite this we always want to take care of every aspect of Gates of Horizon. It’s not always possible to focus on a specific release while having to look after the website, the servers, and last but not least the multiplatform client, but hey… we did it!

The background of this release

Since the beginning we had in mind a very detailed view of Gates of Horizon’s universe: an interactive world capable of reacting to players’ actions, changing accordingly. Scripted Events are now here for this purpose, and in our vision this will be a real game-changer.

Think about different in-game conditions (entering a system, attacking an enemy, reaching coordinates in space and so on…), and try to imagine what you could do combining them with specific behaviors. Mix this with an evolving A.I., and you will have a first step for a dynamic, interactive world.

This is what we wanted to achieve since the beginning, and from now on this new world will be available to you.

Can you imagine the possibilities?

It doesn’t end here: there will be a new short-term release for Instanced Events, to take another step towards a more various universe. Now that we have done the most complex part it will be easier to work on event-related features, adding new content.

The importance of feedbacks

We are also receiving lots of feedbacks since the launch, and we really have to thank you for your help. Every suggestion posted on Uservoice helps us prioritize new features, and we always read carefully every message and every review. These are amazing sources of informations, granting us the possibility to understand what are the most appreciated qualities of Gates of Horizon and what we could do to make it better and better everyday.

We understood that we needed to introduce a way to automate repetitive tasks, so we released the automining, giving greater relevance to refining and crafting. We are also working continuosly on the UI, to make everyday tasks easier.

Your help is precious, and though we always have a path to follow with a clear goal in mind, every feedback helps us work on important steps first.


With the latest release we also introduced a set of Steam Cards, and though they are not strictly related to in-game mechanics, we wanted to listen to popular requests, adding them for all the collectors. The best part of the Steam Cards is that every card has a corresponding free wallpaper: let us know if you are using them on your desktop to make us proud!

The importance of the community

Talking about making us proud, we really love the players’ community: having players with thousands of in-game hours is one of the best rewards for us.

During the last weeks the Waistelands holding managed first to destroy a huge alien vessel: the Dagon. It has been amazing watching their coordinated attack, and the best part is that you can find their live recording on Hex Keep’s YouTube channel:

You can reach great goals when you cooperate!

Let’s celebrate

This milestone is an important occasion for us, and we hope you have appreciated the little backstory behind this release during the last months. To celebrate the occasion we have a last (but definitely not least) important news: a new cinematic trailer!

Help us spreading the news and share the link with your contacts:

We put a lot of effort in it, also narrating the background history of Gates of Horizon and the three main factions’ origin.

Enjoy the game, and sail safe.

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