Mining automation: an update

Posted by Stardust On April 17, 2015

Mining automation

Hello space explorers!

You’re probably wondering what’s going on about the mining and hunting automation, the most important features under development.

As promised a couple of months ago, the ships’ A.I. is receiving most of our attention.

The latest release has been a first big step forward, allowing you the possibility to fine-tune the behaviour of your ships, even when you’re offline or you’re not giving direct orders. The next improvement is about mining automation, and in our vision this will be a real game-changer.

How mining automation works

Choose a mining ship and assign an harvest order with a target base station. Once started, your spaceship will mine available asteroids in the assigned system, emptying out its full cargo on the desired base station.

As soon as your cargo on the target base station will be filled with raw ores, your ship will dock on the same station.

No more boring mining task: just assign an order and come back later, ready to send your favourite agent to refine the collected ores. You will be able to assign the harvest order even when you’re offline, if you accept the risk of an A.I. controlled ship.

When it will be ready

We hope you’re excited as much as we are about this update, but it will take a few days more.

We don’t want to rush the release of this feature as we need to polish some details, even if it’s already working great. Our testing ships are doing good wiping out asteroid fields, but the automation is not as stable as we want it to be. We will release something that will make a true difference, and we hope to officially close the testing phase in the next days.

Along with mining automation, we will release some fixes and other improvements. Are you looking for keyboard shortcuts and fast switch between your fleet’s ships? You will have it.

Sail safe, and thanks for your support.

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