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Once upon a time, there was a planet called Earth.

After a devastating attack from an alien race, the human race fled far from its home to survive.

Colonies were built, technology advanced, and for centuries the alien menace was forgot.

But now, they are back.

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The Story

Usin W. Geselbracht, Historian and Academic Coordinator
Ancient History Museum and Library of Asinas
Rimarin System, Federation Core Sector

When the Neldai arrived in 2149, we weren't prepared at all. Their ships were huge, their weapons were powerful, and they conquered the entire solar system in under 12 hours. Point-defence systems around asteroid belts were worthless, along with all our ships sailing around Earth that tried a last, desperate defence. Ironically, that was the only time in history in which Orbital Colonial Rebels, Moon Colonists and Earth Government agreed on something to do, but they didn't have enough strength, nor time to react in any way.

We started detecting Nodes a long time ago - wormholes connecting random points in space that could theoretically allow instantaneous space travel, and we quickly noted their unusual high concentration in our solar system. The recent discovery of R particles, emitted by sub-spacial micro-pockets that we were able to reproduce easily - powerful enough to drive a Ship in space without the need of fuel - changed everything, as soon as we understood that they were able to activate Nodes, and open up the gates of true space exploration.

Just when we started our first Node activation experiment, when everyone was looking at their screens with baited breath, they arrived. Their ships appeared out of nowhere. The surfaces of the Moon and the Earth were suddenly heavily bombarded. Orbital colonies were destroyed in seconds. Ships in space, regardless of their decision to fight or flee, were obliterated.

When no other choice was at hand, some small fleets chose to save themselves in the only available way: they jumped in the void through the opened Nodes, toward the unknown.

We believed that the experimental R particle emitters used to activate the Nodes were still unable to maintain a Node in a stable situation, actually (and luckily) preventing the aliens from following us.

We didn't know what happened to every fleet, but we knew that some colonization fleets were able to find planets to terraform, settle down, and start over again. For centuries, each group remained alone, separated from others by light years of dark space, until Node technology advancement allowed them to analyze old recordings of R particle patterns, obtained during the first, ancestral, jump; and find each other in the space, in that memorable moment that we call "The Reunion". In time, Earth citizens were reunited under the newborn Earth Federation, Moon colonist created a Free Moon Republic, and Orbital Rebels founded their first Space Empire.

The solar system remained quiet, but not forgotten. We secretly, relentlessly, prepared for their return, knowing that, sooner or later, they would come for us - and eventually, during the year 3218, the Neldai started attacking our remote colonies.

But this time, we fought back.

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Lead your special agents and your space corporation

Each Agent has a dedicated leveling system, and a skill tree that allows for a deep customization of your crew. No fixed classes, and skills can be re-allocated as often as you wish.

Hire more Agents while you level your Corporation: up to 20 crew members to play with, allowing for simultaneous and coordinated activities, both on stations and in space.

Learn more about XP and Skill System

Skill Training

  • The Agent skill system in Gates of Horizon features 17 Tier 1 Skills and 30 Tier 2 Skills
  • Each skill can reach level 25, and provides a direct bonus to game mechanic or enables some game property
  • Each Tier 2 Skill requires a specific maxed level 25 Tier 1 Skill to be acquired
  • Each Skill requires 1 of the 4 available XP Type for Leveling
  • Each Agent can have up to 100 Skill Points freely allocated in the Skill tree, with no predefined schema
  • Allocated Skill points can be reclaimed and moved to another Skill in any moment (losing the spent XP, though)
  • Each Skill is based on 2 of the 4 Agent Stats, providing an additional +/- 10% bonus to the actual skill level
  • Every time an Agent earns XP, a percentage of these points goes to the Corporation, eventually raising the Corporation Leadership
  • Leadership starts from 1 and level up to 20, and defines the actual number of Agents that can be hired

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Build your ships and sail through the space

Your Corporation will build a fleet of vessels that your Agents can pilot in space.

Every Ship is unique: fill the ship hull with components and create your custom outfit.

Learn more about the ships

Ship Fitting

Every ship can be customized while docked on a space station. The decision is yours: prepare your crew for a battle or for space exploration installing different components.

There's even more: when you're offline your ships will fight automatically, according to your choices.

Factions' Ships

Your corporation can belong to any of the three playable factions: the New Orbital Empire, the Galactic Republic, or the Enlightened Federation.

Every faction has its own custom spaceships. Start with a simple support ship, pilot multiple Scouts and Cruisers while growing, and one day you will be able to control a Battleship.

Want to know more?

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Lead your fleet in cinematic space fights

Engage in 3D, RTS-like combat action against your corporation's enemies.

Send your Ships in an enemy sector, and they will fight at their best even when you're offline, using custom AI settings.

Learn more about combat

  • Carefully prepare each ship outfit, choosing the best components combination
  • Fine-tune AI settings for each ship, controlling their autonomous behaviour
  • Directly manage every ship to optimize fire range and movement
  • Coordinate your fleet to achieve victory
  • Ships will fight at their best when you're offline, earning XP and bounties as usual

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Wherever you are, you will be able to play Gates of Horizon on every platform available.

The game works the same way on every system, and the same persistent universe will be always there when you switch from your desktop PC to your tablet.

You can now play on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android tablets and smartphones. The iOS app will be available in the next months for iPhone and iPad too.

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